Friday, February 6, 2009

V Day approacheth

I love valentines day, and a big BOO to all of you sour pusses. For me, valentines day is about showing the love to my friends (and eating chocolate). And it comes at a perfect time because I always leave Christmas and the New Year feeling like I couldn't see, give things to, or call everyone I love and V Day is my time to make up for it. So this year I started early. Behold, the craftiness:

I'm making felt conversation hearts. The sayings crack me up; TXT ME, CLOUD NINE, and SWEET TALK are my favorites. I've been working on them for weeks, and my preparedness is only rivaled by Nicole, who made these amazing cards. I won her giveaway and got an amazing little bundle in the mail!

She has been posting many other wonderful valentine's day-themed things on her blog and she will be selling her stuff in Sacramento soon, so go fill up on beautifully drawn cards for your loved ones! (Or just order them from her etsy shop).

I also found this silly project when I was researching my own V-day conversation heart project.

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NicoleD said...

Those felt hearts are awesome and the idea of printing your own candy hearts sounds very interesting. Thanks for mentioning my stuff!