Friday, February 13, 2009

Take that, California!

It's been two years since I experienced a snowfall. Driving up to the mountains to play in the snow is not the same as walking in your neighborhood with your honey at midnight while it's falling all around you.

Perfectly wet and crunchy underfoot snow. Big fat snowflakes landing on my eyelids snow. Snow balls practically make themselves in this type of snow.

Wearing layers and feeling like the Michelin Man snow. Perfect warmth and cosy-ness except for the tip of your nose type of snow. Lay down in a snow bank and feel your heart beat snow.

Wake up in the morning with excited eyes and sense the muffled sounds of several inches of snow and a SNOW DAY, type of snow. Rip the curtains apart and lean on your elbows staring type of snow.

Lining every twig and leaf; Nature's highlighter type of snow.

(Going to work anyway because you're a nanny and the kids have a SNOW DAY but that means you DO NOT type of snow). I loved you anyway snow. And now you're gone.


akatsuki said...

Gotta admit I spent a good 45 minutes yesterday watching snowboarding videos on youtube and salivating over powder.

Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

I told you that a walk outside would be worth it!

Nicole said...

I do miss walking out in the snow, I did even more the first few years I was in California. That sounds so fun, but it is a bummer being an adult and not having your whole world stop because of a snowday!