Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Moosh

Time for some gratuitous pup pictures. My sister Allison has nicknamed her Moosh for jowl-flap reasons.

Gracie seems to think that she is a smaller dog than she is, a lap dog if you will. The moment you sit on the floor she makes your lap her space. She will even do the circle thing, while standing on top of you with those little paws digging into your thigh.

She also loves the car and she will fall asleep and stay asleep in the most awkward positions.



Carlene said...

I lub da moosh.

Era said...

Hahahaha! Me too.

chelsea said...

gah! cute over load! you'd think I'd be numb to cute by now, what with a baby and a kitten in my life, but then I see this sweety, and oh! gah.

Nicole said...

Lance thinks he's a lap dog too--ah dogs just seem to love to cuddle! That is one very cute pup!

Felicia said...

Eek! So sweet :)