Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something's Peeking

My first crop! I got these silly little grow-your-own-chives kits as an impulse buy at the counter of the CVS for 50 cents each. Each one comes with a small terracotta pot, a peat pellet, and a packet of chives seeds. Peat begins to dry out almost immediately after you water it so I secluded the whole thing in this makeshift tupperware greenhouse.

I put it on the windowsill by the kitchen sink, next to my coffee plant. Do you like the view we have of the alley and apartment building behind us? It makes me think of these lines from the e. e. cummings poem I posted a little while back:

dead's fine like hands do you see that water flowerpots in windows but/ they live higher in their house than you so that's all you see but you/ don't want to

Lo and behold! Something green this way comes. I have since learned that chives are very difficult to start from seed, which might be why the seedlings (after almost a month and a half now) are weak little things that are still too small to harvest.

But they will have to do for now. I will get my seed order in soon and then I will spend hours dreaming up my garden design for the fast-approaching spring. I've come to the realization that I don't have enough sun exposure to grow food in my "front yard," boo. But the community garden project is a GO!!! (More on that later). So hopefully I will be growing food in my own little plot in the neighborhood soon, ack!


Felicia said...

Woo hoo! I need to get some seeds planted too :)

haasome said...

Aw, grow little chives, grow!

miss lila said...

congrats on the community garden - and your little sprouts! i just spent the morning potting seedlings and dreaming about my garden-to-be too. :D