Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's official

I start today!

Yesterday was my last day with the family I've been nannying for and I have to say it was a bit heart-wrenching. The new nanny shadowed me and she hit it off with the girls right away, so I don't worry about them. But there's a little hole in my heart where those girls will always belong. They drew me pictures and wrote letters to me as a surprise and I totally teared up when they gave them to me. Here's the one from Zizi, three (as dictate to her father):

"Dear Erica,

I will miss you so much. I really want to play with you right now and I don't want you to go away. And I want you to stay in your house forever and don't leave the city. And I love you a really really lot, and I hope you like all of these colors on the envelope. And I hope you love everything and I hope you love flowers and green. And I love you, too.


Erg, bittersweet day.


Nicole said...

Ohhhh---that is a heart-wrencher! That will be so cool to keep! I do like your new nametag!

Crystal said...

my...that almost make me tear!
wow! what a wonderful experience to hang out with such a darling little girl.