Thursday, April 2, 2009

My fifteen seconds

Last Thursday I got a call from Sally McCabe who runs the Garden Tenders workshop series at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (have I mentioned how much I love this program?). A reporter from Reuters TV had contacted her about getting in touch with some local gardeners for a series he was doing on beating the recession. He wanted to talk to people who are growing their own food as a means to cut down on their food budget. Within an hour I had agreed to do a TV interview at my community garden (this one)!

It's horribly exciting and embarrassing (I feel abnormally sheepish about being on camera), but here it is. I have one little line and M got to be in some background footage too!

I also watched a movie called "The Garden" tonight, which I highly recommend. It's about a community of farmers in South Central L.A. at the country's largest urban community garden (14 acres!) and their fight to keep the land they have been cultivating for ten years. It addresses issues of food justice and racism and it's heartbreaking and beautiful.


Carlene said...

Awesome! And...I have a question. This year, my landlady says it's okay for me to make a garden, yay! I want to start with just one (or maybe two) raised beds just like you have in the video.

Would you be able to direct me to a link, or maybe you can tell me, exactly how to do this? I think once I get the beds made, I can take it from there (my mom has had 6 of them in her yard since I can remember, but I really, really don't want to ask her, long story), but I just don't know how to start the beds.

Thanks! (oh, last I "saw" you, you were blonde, weren't you?)

Geno's Garden said...

Great interview! you're doing good. Jeannie