Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vicarious baking

My oven has been broken for a few weeks now and I'm going into baking withdrawl.

So instead of a hit of the good stuff, I will have to be satisfied with showing off my aprons as a kind of vicarious baking.

Here's my number one workhorse apron, given to me by the lovely Jaja as a housewarming/welcome home to Philly present. The full coverage and sentimental value means that this one gets the most use.

This hilarious one I got at an estate sale in New Jersey a few years ago. I never use this in the kitchen, it makes me think of sexy housewives cooking in nothing but high heels. Plus, stuff would go right through it.

A tried and true fifties apron, stolen from my parents' house. I think this belonged to my grandma (Mom, correct me if I'm wrong).

One of my favorites, bought at a thrift store in Pennsylvania during college.

A lovely, too-good to use apron, given to me as a going away present by my friend Sarah in Davis.

A Christmas present from my friend Metthea. It's reversible, and those "mittens" on the side? Potholders!

This is where my aprons live, right where I can most easily access them in the entrance to the kitchen.

On a separate note, thanks for all of the congratulations on the job! I'm pretty excited about all the things I have cooking right now (wordplay!) and I hope to soon bring you all up to speed on the community garden project. Now go enjoy your working ovens and mail me some cookies, like Aunt Emmy always does.


J.W. said...

ohhhh bejesus what a collection. i know i don't love aprons as much as you do, but i LOVE this assortment of them! POTHOLDERS?!?! apron makers are innovators. i LOVE LOVE that second one and am foregoing precious study time to nail down ways to include it in an outfit?? (for you, of course. i like to use my time wisely and devote hours to projects others might find as only minimally enjoyable or helpful). so, look what i stumbled across:


it'd be sweet maybe as a summer shirt? with shorts or something? and, yes, HEELS. or boots.

that first one ain't to shabby either ;)

Era said...

Hahhahaha! It might be good as a shirt except that it's COMPLETELY SEE THROUGH. But you know, I like that kind of thing.

Geno's Garden said...

I actually pilfered the thrift store apron picture from your blog and have it on my computer..."Era's apron".
Congratulations, working girl! A job...it's a good thing.

Nicole said...

I knew you had an apron collection, but I didn't know the level of awesomeness you had. Great way of displaying them too!

I feel your pain about the oven---that is a major bummer. Hopefully it will be back in working order before prime time pie time begins.