Monday, March 9, 2009

Chocolate-chocolate-butter cookies. Urg.

I've been stocking up on home-made butter from the butter-churning lessons I teach at Bartram's Garden and I now have a freezer full of the stuff. So far it's exclusively going into these incredible chocolate-chocolate cookies which come out all gooey and fluffy and rich because of it. Talk about a secret ingredient. Here's how you can make butter yourself in the food processor. And here's how you can make it by shaking cream in a jar!
I'm mostly feeding these to the wonderful neighbors I work with on the community garden project. (Let's be honest, about half of them are consumed by myself and my housemates). Tomorrow is our third meeting and last night I made my third batch of cookies. Mmmmsicles.


Felicia said...

Yum. They look tasty :)

Geno's Garden said...

I'd like one, or two (and a third to sneak when noone's looking), please...'re volunteering? how's the job searching going?