Friday, March 6, 2009

The Fables of Aesop

"The Fables of Aesop," illustrated by Charles H. Bennett. I picked this up at a public library book sale for around $1. It's copyright is 1931. Incredible.

The drawings are unbelievable and the morals crack me up. Old Charles clearly decided to add his own political and social commentary to the traditional stories.

"In the trade of chestnut-stealing, it is the Cat comes in for the kicks, while the Monkey enjoys the halfpence."

"When the Recruiting Sergeant tempts you with the scarlet uniform, he says nothing about getting you into hot water."

"The race is not always to the swift."

Click the picture to read each story and see the illustrations in better detail. What a steal!


miss lila said...

what a fantastic find! I love love love old books like that. the illustrations are great - I wonder what event the plate for The Tortoise and the Hare refers to?

Felicia said...

That is an incredible find.