Monday, March 23, 2009


That's right, this exists in Austin:

It's some sort of food chain, I guess. Weird.

Other things that happened this weekend in Austin, Texas (they may or may not be in order of awesomeness, starting with the most).

Snow cones with Emilie. Flavors consumed include watermelon, margarita, sour cherry, cream soda, fuzzy navel, blackberry, cinnamon, ice cream (yes, you read that correctly), wedding cake, blue coconut, blue raspberry, raspberry, black cherry, green apple and cantaloupe. All in three days.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I've always wanted to go here and when Emilie suggested it I leapt at the chance to plant-nerd-it-up. It was prime time for lupines when we were there, though in Texas they call them bluebonnets. Either way they were everywhere and they were gorgeous.

The actual festival was fun too. It was a bit too Mardi-Gras-y for me at times though (think roving groups of drunk a-holes). It was hard to get into a lot of the music venues, near impossible for the most popular ones. But we ended up going to a lot of decent free shows, dancing and staying up later than I expected (fueled by snow cones). Emilie and I actually had the most fun at the "dueling pianos" bar we went to, go figure.

Of course I found a way to take pictures of art too. That Chiquita Banana-looking sticker is actually meant to promote one of M's DJ friends, Sammy Bananas. Clever.

Snow cones, wildflowers, music and dancing. Who could ask for anything more? Now I need to catch up on my sleep and shake this cold I've been holding on to for the past week.

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