Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phila Street Art: 15th and Spruce

I like . . . . . . bunnies.

I found this on a dumpster in an alley near where I work. It's sticker art, (the most famous sticker art is Shepard Fairey's 1986 Andre the Giant campaign). There are lots of street stickers in Philly, but I'm just now noticing them.

It also reminds me of this story-turned-inside-joke. My friend was teaching an art class to 4-year-olds one afternoon and after giving a demonstration she asked her students if they had any questions. One little girl raised her hand, and after being called on she looked off into space and said, "I like . . . . . bunnies."

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J.W. said...

gaaaaaaaah that kid story is crushingly cute. also: my evolution prof at Swat made a knock off sticker of Andre the Giant in honor of Charles Darwin ... (check me blog, it's on there recently)