Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Plot

M and I officially have a community garden plot! But don't get confused, this is separate from the community garden that I'm trying to start (we're making some very interesting progress on that project, but I'll save that post for a time when things are just a bit more official).
This plot is an 8' by 5' space in the St. Bernard Community Garden on St. Bernard Street, about 9 blocks away from our house. It's a little triangle of land tucked at the end of the street that butts up against the train tracks. Some of my college friends actually live on this street and garden here too so it's already a welcoming community.

They have packed around 25 plots onto this piece of land so they are all quite small. But I don't mind. After attempting to do container gardening in the summer in Davis, CA I will take what I can get, as long as it's in the ground (and I appreciate being forced to start out slowly). Here's what our plot looked like on Saturday morning when we went over to do a little work on it (it's the one in the foreground).

And here's what it looks like now! We mulched around it and planted some mesclun mix and mache in a small row on one end. The water isn't turned on yet so we don't have much hope for the seeds but we were just too excited to hold back on the planting. We will add compost in about two weeks and then really get down to it in April.
Wish us luck!


Nicole said...

Congratulations! Mike and I have been working on our EC Garden lately too--we had to do some serious weeding after we neglected it all winter. (did I already tell you this? Sorry, if I did and forgot)

Geno's Garden said...

Hi Erica...I mentioned you in my blog today (as a probable IPM expert, or should I say, "Master"?) So, what DO you know? Perhaps you could enlighten me. I love to garden but am organic-phobic. It all seems complicated to me. Jeannie

Marion Adams said...

Hi Erica... Jeannie asked me if I know you... and I think I do. Can you confirm?

Anyhoo, there is nothing as exciting as breaking ground on a new garden (that's why I keep adopting new plots in the EC garden, I'm up to 11!). Your new plot will undoubtedly be satisfying after pot gardening in Davis, now there's a challenge!

Your blog is awesome! I look forward to reading more about your gardening adventures as the season goes on. Marion.