Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini greenhouse!

I made these little mini greenhouses to start my seeds and I'm seeing some activity in there!

They're basically just plastic sushi containers with a cardboard egg crate inside. I used some fabulous potting soil from a local company called Organic Mechanics; I met the owner when I was volunteering at the Philadelphia Flower Show (he gave a talk on vermicomposting). I covered the top with a thin layer of fine vermiculite, watered and placed on the radiator, which is hopefully around 70 degrees so the little guys will germinate.

I planted Yellow Perfection Slicing Tomato from Seeds of Change and Miniature Red Bell Pepper, Bush Pickler Cucumber, and Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato from the wonderful local D. Landreth Seed Company (I had the novel experience of actually talking to some from D. Landreth on the phone, and I got my seeds three days later. Bonus!).

For another example of egg crate seed starting, check out Phil's blog Phigblog. Phil manages the Philadelphia Orchard Project and coordinates the St. Bernard Community Garden where our current plot is.

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Nicole said...

I should really try that--for now we just have seeds in the regular 6-packs under a little plastic tent Mike made--although they hardly need it with this 95 degree weather we're having--yes, I said 95 degrees---bet that doesn't make you miss Davis!