Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cake update

I didn't realize that picking out and designing the cake would be so much fun! We're going with a honeybee theme for the wedding; golden yellow, cream and black with highlights of magenta and moss green. Check out the "inspiration boards" I made on Style Me Pretty. So with that in mind, here are a few sketches from the bakers we visited this week.

The cake will be four or five (!!) tiers, with ivory icing, golden yellow bands on the bottom of each tier, and a matching yellow honey-comb design alternating sides on each tier.

And the topper! My friend Duffy, our beekeeper at The Woodlands, offered to have the bees build us two little heart-shaped pieces of comb! He's done it before, apparently you just put a mold into the hive in your desired shape and the bees will build in it. I think it's probably the most adorable idea ever.


sonrie said...

I really like the honey bee theme and topper idea! We had our cake made from a local bakery that makes delicious cupcakes; it was kind of no contest there. Good luck with the rest of planning.

Carlene said...

bees. are building you a caketopper.

you may be the coolest person alive.

Era said...

HAhaha!! I love you Carlene.

Nicole said...

that's flipping awesome! Wow! Yahoo! Looks so gorgeous!