Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Wooly First

So here it is, the first article of clothing I ever knit for myself (Raveled). I started this sucker a year ago (!) and every time I hit a snag I would put it down for oh, several months. But honestly, it's probably the easiest article of clothing I could choose to make for my first try, and the largest yarn - Rowan Big Wool (Super Bulky). I love the fit and the color, and it's very warm. But the problem is, when exactly does one wear a wool vest? It's too hot to wear with anything heavy underneath, but it doesn't have sleeves so you can't wear it by itself.

Regardless, this project was incredibly fulfilling because I was sure it was destined for the WIP pile for the rest of eternity. But I persevered, and after my huge Christmas-gift-knitting-frenzy I managed to pick it back up. Strangely, knitting my first two pairs of socks this year gave me the confidence and a few extra skills to push this project through and finish it. Funny how that works sometimes.

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Nicole said...

that's so cool! It fits perfectly! Now there's an accomplishment! Wow! I am dazzled!