Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stebbins Cold Canyon

This past week (4/26) I went with my CA Floristics class to Stebbins Cold Canyon to look at the riparian vegetation along Putah Creek. It was incredibly hot (ironic) and I was in the throes of my horrible cold so the hike took a lot out of me. But we saw some awesome wildflowers!

Castilleja sp., Scrophulariaceae, soon to be Orobanchaceae

Chick Lupine, Lupinus microcarpus, Fabaceae

Stebbins is one of many Reserves owned by UC Davis for research and conservation purposes, and it is open to the public for hiking and other recreation. It was really gorgeous and we didn't even make it a full mile in two hours because we kept stopping to talk about and identify the plants!

I went on a plant collection trip for the same class today and I took many many pictures. A post will appear about it, as soon as I sort through the pictures.

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