Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sacramento Cactus and Succulent Society show

Here are the pictures from last weekend's plant show. The plants fit into my car quite snugly, as you can see there were a lot of them. We had two displays right next to one another; an aloe display and an agave display. It was a kind of old world (aloe is from Africa) vs. new world (agave is from the Americas) thing. We already have posters made up for each plant that will become signs around campus, so I mounted them on foam core and propped them up on the tables. I chose approx. 14 plants from each genus and prepped and potted and labeled them all beforehand.

The agaves:

The aloes:

The show was pretty small, but the plants were really stunning. Here's the main room:

I was the youngest person there by no less than 30 years, probably more than 50 years in some cases. Everyone oohed and aaahed over my plants and joked about stealing them when I wasn't looking. I really developed a respect for the plants too, especially the agaves which left scratches and pin pricks all over my hands and arms.

It was a non-juried show, but there was a voting system for favorite plant, and I got three votes for my display! There was also a huge plant sale, and I bought a night blooming cereus cultivar with a bright red flower called 'Spring on Mars.' I mean, with a name like that, how could I not buy it?

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Quatzical said...

Looks like an amazing show. I was just reading about fiber from agaves in the latest Spin-Off. Do you have any extra leaves to experiment with?