Friday, September 7, 2007

The Changing of the Guard

Family Reunion: Labor Day 2007
(this post is pretty heavy on the pictures)

We have a family reunion with my mom's side of the family every Labor Day, at my cousin's gorgeous Victorian-style B and B on the Delaware River in New York state. This is the second time I've been able to go in the past six years, so I was incredibly pleased to make an appearance and deal with all of the various accusations that I am turning into a "California girl."

The house started as an A-frame, and now there are 14 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, and a wrap-around porch. And they've been renting inner tubes out of their garage for over twenty years at the same price, $5 a tube, all day rental.

You could throw a stone to the river from the back porch, it's so close. Here's the view. They lost a huge tree to the flood last year, which is a shame, but the view is much better because of it.

A rare empty moment for the front porch rocking chairs.

The "Lady's Room." Each room is decorated differently; my cousins have an antique business, and the house reflects it.

Sun-filled hallway on the second floor, overlooking the river.

The back lawn, which has seen quite a few beautiful wedding ceremonies.

My family loves to play pinochle (a card game like bridge), and this is a very familiar Labor Day scene.

Finally, this reunion was incredibly significant because it was the first one without a single member of my grandma's generation. My great aunt Regina died this past year and none of the remaining great aunts could make it. However, this year was also the first year that a member of the next generation was present; my cousin's baby Alexa.

You can bet she got an incredible amount of attention. And why not, she's absolutely perfect. I think we heard her cry twice in three days, she was perfectly fine being handed from relative to relative, and she could sleep with a raucous game of pinochle occurring in the same room. She is about five months old right now and the next time I see her will be Christmas and she will have changed so much already. Crazy.

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Carlene said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures, and a great story. Thanks for sharing that (and the little foot!).