Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Veggie Booty

We got our first CSA box of the Fall! I took a hiatus this summer because I had no one to share my veggies with, my friend Sarah was living up at Lassen. But now my two new housemates are really into the veggie box and we've begun again. We got a beautiful box: Tomatoes, peppers, yellow onions, beautiful Bintje potatoes, Granny Smith apples, basil, a globe eggplant, and red Russian kale.

I couldn't help but arrange the food by color, and now that I'm looking at the photo it reminds me of the opening scene in "Girl with the Pearl Earring." It's a gorgeous scene where the main character is chopping vegetables for dinner and arranging them all by color. That movie was shockingly true to the book it's based on, I was very pleased.

I also finished the fermentation of my sauerkraut and pickles. The sauerkraut is really strong because I put a few cloves of garlic in the crock. I might not put so much in next time, it certainly is pungent.

I also used a different method to grow alfalfa sprouts in my kitchen. I drained them upside down in a jar, which I read in a book somewhere, I can't remember where. I think I'll go back to the old way next time because the sprouts just started growing down through the cheesecloth and I couldn't drain them or get them out without tedious tugging.

And thanks to everyone for the birthday love this week!


cookiecrumb said...

That top picture: Museum quality.

Era said...

Thanks! You know I love my veggie pictures.

Nicole said...

I admire your kitchen crafting . . . I think I need to do some more of that myself . . . we need to try out our new ice cream maker.