Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh You Tease!

Here is the wool, mid-tease. The laundry basket holds the un-teased wool, full of VM, and the cotton bag on the left is the cleaned, teased wool. The bed sheet is to catch the dirt falling out of the wool, and there was way more than I expected.

I brought the teased wool home to CA, and a bunch of the un-teased wool as well. The rest of the un-teased wool remains in NJ where my saintly parents offered to tease it for me. This is a picture of my father teasing the wool, which is basically just pulling it apart and letting the VM fall out onto the floor.

It's definitely not done yet, and with school almost starting I'm not sure when I'll get to it. But I signed up for a spinning class at the Craft Center, so that should get my butt in gear. And my dear friend Kim has offered the use of a drum carder that she has at home, so I hope to process, spin, dye, and knit the wool into hats by the end of the quarter, just in time for Christmas.

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