Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon: a links-heavy update post

This week I got an impromptu visit from an old high school friend I haven't seen in six years. She and her boyfriend are on a nomadic adventure, travelling the country for the next three months trying to determine where they want to live next (they got tired of NYC). Check out their travel blog. If you look at their Flickr site, pretty soon you will probably see pictures of us dressed as pirates for the Critical Mass we did on Friday, or partying at The Domes, a cooperative community on campus. It was awesome to see them and I hope they decide to settle close to me!

I'm getting excited for my spinning class to start, though I still need to finish teasing the wool. Hopefully my friend Kim will help me dye it after it's been spun. Here are some examples of her beautiful hand-spun and hand-dyed silks, and the hand-spun yarns I found on the new-to-me blog brooklyntweed. If mine look anywhere close to these, I will be happy.

I went contra dancing at the The Co-ops on campus yesterday with my friend Sarah, and we danced our butts off for over three hours! I'm actually sore today. It got me really excited for next weekend when I'll be going to the Hoes Down Harvest Festival at my CSA farm, Full Belly. It's gonna be awesome!

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Felicia said...

Love all those sweet doggy pics. Thanks for all the links!