Sunday, April 6, 2008

Days of Wine and Elk

My wonderful friend Kristin came to visit from Minnesota in early March and we did Napa. We tried to find a bunch of cool, smaller wineries, but the GPS was so confused and kept misdirecting us. Each new gadget makes me more and more lazy, and usually wastes more time than it saves. End of rant. So we ended up going to two larger wineries, Mumm and Beringer, but we had a great time, lots of giggling.

Sparkling wine tasting at Mumm Napa

We also went to the Tule Elk Preserve at Point Reyes National Seashore. It's at the far tip of the seashore and the drive was beautiful and long. There are a few working cattle ranches on the preserve and some abandoned buildings left at the trail head at the elk preserve. They are beautiful and white washed and moss covered.

Old barn from an abandoned cattle facility on Point Reyes

Tule elk, hanging out right alongside the trail. Last time I was at the elk preserve, we needed binoculars to see them.

Kehoe beach, Kristin's first Pacific Ocean toe dipping!

I've amassed so many friends all across the country, and it's powerful when I get to see one of them again and it feels like no time has passed. I haven't seen Kristin since summer 05 when I visited her in Minnesota, but we were able to pick right up in our friendship. It's amazing how some friendships can span location, and work anywhere. I met Kristin in Hawai'i, then saw her almost two years later in MN, and then three and a half years later in CA. The time and location meant nothing, it's incredible.

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