Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nevada recap

Well, we didn't have internet access out in the desert (or at least, not enough for me to blog). Here's a quick photo recap of some of the plants I worked with. Many of them have started to bloom now, so things are even more beautiful out there than before. But there was a lot of work to be done, so not as many glamour photos were taken. Maybe next time.

Brave little pollinator.

Arctomecon merriamii, the "desert bearpoppy." You can see the little mesh "pollinator exclusion bags" we've put on the buds. This will help us learn whether these plants require pollinators to produce seed. Some plants can actually pollinate themselves, believe it or not. It's called "selfing."

Calochortus striatus, the "alkali mariposa lily." We misidentified this one last time, and I've changed it in the last Nevada post.

There's a weaving conference I plan on attending this weekend, so check back!

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