Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bumblebee, Come on and Sting Me

Someone received a small felt bumblebee for a much belated birthday this weekend.

He has secret messages written on his butt and on the inside of his bendy wings.

love is a guess
that deepens
(time is a rose
which opens)
your eyes,my
darling,are two
young worlds of dew

never yet named
a stillness
(wholly undreamed
what frailness)
not quite may
twilight's until
rival your smile

truer how much
than yearning
(newer to touch
than morning)
your life is
only like one
star after rain

- e. e. cummings


Gentlewhoadie Apt One said...

o hai.

Carlene said...

I love the bee! Happy belated bee-day to the recipient! heh.

NicoleD said...

Oh wow, you are pretty much the best e.e. cummings poem picker ever. I think I could read that one for the rest of my life and still have it blow me over each time. That bee is so cute!