Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Great Bay Area Garden Tour, part 3 :: Alice Fong Yu Elementary School Garden

Stop number three on our tour was the Alice Fong Yu elementary school garden. It is part of the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, an organization that manages school gardens all around the city (get a PDF of their self-guided tour here).

Rachel from the SFGSA met us there and spoke with us about the garden, which she managed for a few years before getting her current job. Rachel was incredibly friendly and cool; I was actually a little starstruck because she has the kind of job I want and she was possessed of the perfect mixture of expertise, humbleness, and joy of discovery that I aspire to.

Some of my favorite things from this garden:

The compost area, so neat and tidy.

The signage, of course.

The shed! It was recently painted and it has a roll-up door, kind of like a garage door, to save space.

The outdoor classroom area with hay bales and a huge white-board.

The beds were all made from a recycled plastic "wood" that has lasted them several years already and can withstand the severe incline without too much buckling.

Thank you Rachel!

Next up (last, but not least); the Garden for the Environment and The Conservatory of Flowers!

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