Monday, September 8, 2008

Presto . . . PESTO!

The summer edition of the salad bowl garden is in full swing, and something has to be done about the basil. We planted over five different types of basil back in May and they have been happily bolting for the past few weeks.

The only solution to the problem is to make pesto. Clearly.

So a while back Mags, MWolff, and I spent an evening harvesting and processing the majority of the crop, producing a total of 12 jars of pesto. I'm saving my jar of lemon pesto and freezing it for a winter treat. The others are pretty much gone already. Yuuuuuummmmmmm!


Carlene said...

Oh, Yum! Isn't it amazing how a freakin' boatload of basil turns into these teeny little jars of pesto?

Era said...

I know! We pruned/harvested several plastic bags full of basil and we got a bag full of walnuts FOR FREE from someone in the pomology department. It was awesome, and I only wish we can harvested more because mine's almost gone!