Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Breaking Ground!

Last week we broke ground on The Woodlands Community Garden! Twenty volunteers came out for a potluck and work day to remove weed trees, clean and cut lumber, and dig out plots.

There were a few "volunteer" hackberry trees growing out of the wall on the south side of the garden. Removing them opened up the southwest side of the garden and will allow us to install a few more plots on that end.

The lumber we have was scavenged from a house demolition and was covered in old rusty nails and wires. We removed all of that and cut them to size so we could create 8 foot square plots.

It was starting to get dark when we dug up the grass for two of the plots, removing that living barrier and allowing the plants more roots space in the future.

We dug out two plots and we have lumber for four plots right now. Currently the space will allow eleven 8x8 plots! We plan to share the plots in the first year, so 22 people will be able to garden on 4x8 foot plots.

The perennial plants we put in at The Blue Line Garden are also coming along nicely. We had a few weeks of rain right after we planted them so everything is well established.

A bunch of the plants are blooming too! The echinaceae, verbena, yarrow, and coreopsis were in bloom when we went to check on the site and water it the other day.

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