Saturday, July 11, 2009

Harvest time!

We cleared out some space in the garden, harvesting the emerald oak leaf lettuce, fordhook swiss chard, oxheart carrots, watermelon radishes, golden beets, a pound of bush pickler cucumbers and some of the 'Desiree' potatoes. Whew!

***New Desiree potatoes***

***Watermelon radish***

***Golden beet - FAIL (well at least we can eat the greens)***

***Oxheart carrot - semi fail***

I realized that since we had such a cold and rainy spring I could probably have left the above crops in the ground a bit longer. Ah well.

**Bush pickler cucumbers***

These cucumbers, though clearly not an actual bush variety (liars!) are super producers. We're going to be pickling all summer.

***Fordhook swiss chard***

***Zinnia - more of these next year for sure***

After we cleared all that space we replaced it with Italian basil, Black Beauty eggplant and Garden salsa hot pepper. I also yanked out a bunch of those marigolds. I'll remember to plant miniatures next time.

And that's how my garden grows.


sonrie said...

the marigolds we bought at the nursery have stayed small, but the ones we planted from seed are giant!

I have to dig up potatoes, but we are not sure if they made it or not (we planted potato eyes as an experiment). Our radishes came up all right in june, and we have yet to pick the carrots as well, but we have had a pretty rainy spring/summer here too.

Our Sicilian neighbor calls Swiss Chard 'Gile' the 'g' pronounced as if you were saying the name Gigi as the French do "SJisji". (? Does that make sense?) He told us to boil it, then saute it with garlic and olive oil. It was delicious.

Good luck with the new planting!

Nicole said...

That's fantastic--what a great crop! You should be proud! We've started picking tomatoes here now, we had to pull out our cucumbers because they were being swamped by aphids, although we did get quite a few good cucumbers. Zucchini's still going strong, basil and peppers are looking good. Yay summer! Fabulous peaches all around!