Friday, July 3, 2009

California, I'm comin' home

Here are some random pics from the trip to CA last week. I think I did a pretty good job packing, considering we were in temperatures ranging from 60 to 105 degrees F.

***The sunflowers are blooming in the fields around Davis!!***

***Tasting a little port at Heitz Cellar, missing Sissy***

***I visited Nicole and got to see the alphabet series in person (and take home "beehive")!!***

***The Full Houses***

***There is a whole collection of shoe planters in Alamo Square, San Francisco***

***I had to take a picture of those incredible balconies***

We ended the week with the wedding of my old roomates, Mike and G. I was living with them in Davis when I started this blog in early 2007. I've officially hit the age when all of my friends are getting married and it's surreal. There were two other weddings on the same day as this one! And as my coworker Rose said, this weekend "Facebook was blowin' up with wedding albums." So true. And so strange.

It was a lovely trip. I got to see many old friends and I dragged M around to a bunch of my favorite places; St. Helena, 826 Valencia, Mitchell's Ice Cream (more on this later), and the yard on F Street where we finished off the week with a BBQ and an evening of wine and mojitos. (Full disclosure - I probably shouldn't be able to drink as many mojitos as I did when I can't even spell the word - my first try went like this: "moquitos." For shame.)


J.W. said...

o california, my bleeding heart... (beautiful pictures, per ushz!)

Nicole said...

It was great to see you! Great pictures! Thanks for including me!