Wednesday, December 2, 2009

La Plaza Cultural

Early in November, M and I went to visit some of my oldest and dearest friends in NYC. While we were out looking for a good brunch place, we passed by this amazing community garden in the Lower East Side - La Plaza Cultural. My friends all humored me and let me roam around for a while in this gorgeous garden.

You may have already seen this garden. It's famous in the garden world because of the decorations on the outer fence - crazy "flowers" made out of recycled cans, bottles and other containers.

Inside the garden there are community plots, theater space, a sand/play area and park space. It's also dotted with huge weeping willow trees that lend shade and character to the space.

I'm always enthralled and excited when I see these older urban gardens (this one was founded in 1976); I love the way the paths and sections of the garden flow in an organic, maze-like fashion, I love seeing the different uses the space can have, and I especially love the old plants that have been so lovingly tended and stand like gatekeepers of the green sanctuary under them. It gets my mind racing back to my little gardens in Philly and Camden and their newness and clean squares and lines. I hope those new little gardens have the chance to age as gracefully as this one has.

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Susan said...

I stumbled on this place too! I do love those recycled flowers.