Saturday, December 19, 2009

This little one

I'm in love, and let me tell you why.

As I write there is a warm bundle of purr in my lap. And he crawled up and fell asleep here without the use of force.

Growing up I had to trap and hold my cats to get them anywhere near my lap. But this one, oh this one will climb onto you, nestle in, fall asleep. Doesn't matter where or how you are sitting, as long as you're reclined he's there. He's fallen asleep on my throat as I lay on my back napping, he's slept on my lap under the table during dinner, and he's even curled into the crook of my knee as I lay on my stomach on the bed. Sometimes he even grooms your face with his rough little tongue before falling asleep (if you let him).
When you come home from work he greets you at the door, purring. He spends about 60% to 70% of his time purring, whether he's awake or asleep, mellow or wild.

A typical day is spent partly on M's lap while he works at the computer:

. . . and partly in the act of living up to his name, Wild William, wielding his needle sharp claws and teeth mercilessly:

Then, inevitably, this happens again.

Pretty soon he will move out when our roommate's house purchase goes through, and then I won't know what to do with myself. How would you feel if this little angel left you?

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