Saturday, December 12, 2009

End of the Season Harvest

Here's a little pre-frost harvest from one of our community garden plots. There are a few pepper plants still hanging on, and some raggedy zinnias. Carrots, beets and radishes are happy under a bed of dried leaves and they are growing nicely. We'll probably harvest them later this month. It's been such a mild winter that they might even last through January!

***From the South***

***From the North***

The last time I showed pics of this garden was back in September. Wow. There were winter squash vines covering the whole thing back then! We only got one decent squash out of all that hassle because the squirrels kept nibbling them when they were young. Rar.

When we finally put this garden to bed I plan on showing pics of it throughout the growing season. I'm kind of excited to see all those pictures next to one another and see the life cycle of our little 4x8 plot!

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