Saturday, February 6, 2010

Garden-Planning Potluck

The Woodlands community gardeners and I had a fabulous garden-planning potluck last weekend at my house! We spent Sunday evening poring over stacks and stacks of seed catalogues, eating delicious food, and sharing seeds, stories, and ideas for the spring.

I also surprised everyone by giving them a free pair of gardening gloves! At the ACGA conference in August I bid for and won a gift certificate for a free pair of gardening gloves for everyone in my community garden. They're from Wells-Lamont, via the America the Beautiful Fund and they are supposedly worth $5 each. But when I opened the box my eyes nearly bugged out of my head! They are gorgeous gloves, some made out of goat skin and worth up to $30!

Everyone loved their gloves and by the end of the night we were all re-energized about our gardens. I got several follow-up e-mails and even a letter thanking me for having the potluck - I guess everyone really needed it. January and February, though a much needed break from the garden, are still very difficult months for us gardeners (especially for me, having lived in the ever-blooming state of California for the past couple of years).

I wish you good luck in your own garden planning this year!

P.S. Check out The Woodlands Community Garden website, I've been adding to it and tweaking it a bit. Let me know what you think!


Carlene said...

Makes me wish I lived there.

sonrie said...

oh man, I love potlucks! I think I will start planning one for friends.
And, the gloves look beautiful from your picture.