Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Scarf for Jaja

Isn't it pretty? I've discovered the magic that happens when you follow a pattern and use the correct size needles and yarn. You get something that looks a lot like the picture! What a novel idea.

This is the Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero which Jaja and I discovered on the fantastic blog Flint Knits. It's ravelled here. Jaja mentioned it in passing one day, and I stored it away in my brain for later (I love doing that). By the time she got it she no doubt forgot all about it.

This is the most complicated pattern I've ever followed, but once I knit two rows it became really obvious what I was supposed to be doing - knit three triangles, then start another row and pick up from the sides of the previous triangles. I chose not to block it, mostly because I'm lazy and it would show the mistakes, but also because I like the way it puckers - so three dimensional! And I loooooove the Noro colors, I had the hardest time choosing but eventually settled on a colorway that reminds me of a meadow with a deep blue lake in the middle. Lovely.

Happy Birthday Sis!


sonrie said...

very pretty!

Nicole said...

It is so astounding to me that you can make these sorts of things! WOW. So pretty!

Carlene said...

beautiful! lucky sister!