Friday, February 26, 2010

Bride Burger, Groom Burger

We've picked a place and a date: Bartram's Garden, Memorial Day weekend, 2011. Whew! I will spare you most of the details of the wedding planning, because this is not a wedding blog, and we still have 15 months until the Big Day. But I will share this link with you, where I will be posting all of the fun details and making inspiration boards and whatnot.

The photo below is from the Entwined Studio photography blog, and it shows the view of the Philadelphia skyline from Bartram's Garden.

P.S. We met with some caterers this week, and my parents prepared for it by watching a family favorite, Father of the Bride (something like this happened in our house recently).


sonrie said...

Good luck with all your planning!! It seems so mundane and frivolous all at the same time. Most people say the engaged phase goes by too fast...but for me it couldn't go by fast enough!

Nicole said...

Ah, that's hilarious! I love that movie! Congrats on the location!

Also I have give you a BLOG AWARD over at my blog. Go check it out: and pass it forward!