Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Soup and Salad: From Camden to the World!

That's the name of our exhibit at the Philadelphia International Flower Show! The show runs from Sunday, Feb. 28th to Sunday, March 7th, 2010. I spent all of last week in the Philadelphia Convention Center setting up our display, and it was so incredible to see the show take form. When I got there on Tuesday it was mostly carpenters and masons setting up the infrastructure of the exhibits and by the end of the week we were sweeping, labelling our plants, and making last minute adjustments (shining this leaf, staking that flower, etc).

Our exhibit shows off the Community Garden Program at the Camden Children's Garden and emphasizes healthy eating (here's an article on the exhibit from the Philadelphia Inquirer!). It also displays the Campbell Soup Factory, without which Camden, NJ would probably not even exist. Campbell's employed most of the town at one point, and they are currently building their new headquarters in Camden. The gigantic soup bowl and the soup can water tower that are part of our display will be going back to the headquarters to become part of their landscaping.

As you move through the exhibit you see a landscaped factory, an orchard of citrus and fig trees, and a vegetable garden. There is a windmill with the Camden Children's Garden logo, a gigantic salad plate planted with lettuce seedlings, and several topiaries that represent children working in the garden.

And I got to design part of the exhibit! The little vegetable and herb garden on the corner of the exhibit was my idea and my responsibility. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out!

If you're in Philly please come by and see me at the exhibit on Wednesday, March 3rd or Friday, March 5th!

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