Friday, March 19, 2010

The Living is Easy

There's been a lot of porch- and park-sitting going on here in Phila recently. The temperatures have been in the mid-60s all week and everyone is out basking in the sun, myself included. I even decided to bike to work today, taking the Ben Franklin Bridge home!

And I've also been very, very busy getting ready for the growing season! There's a fun article in the April issue of Grid about my friend Nic and some of the projects we're doing together (I'm in it!).

So as you can see, lots of things are happening. We have a work day this weekend for the Walnut-Hill Mini-Farm and Grower's Co-op, and things are also ramping up in Camden, and at the two community garden plots that M and I tend. Details on all to come soon!


sonrie said...

I love the changes in weather, too! We are planning our garden and thinking about what to plant. We ate our first dinner of the year on the porch last night -- my favorite place to eat.

sonrie said...

Also, just read the article. Some community gardens like that are just getting started in St. Louis. I am happy enough to have a garden in my backyard (even in the city many houses/buildings have a yard-only a few neighborhoods don't). Keep up the good work!

Bridgett said...

I am your blog swap gal via Sonrie...I know what I'm sending you and it will be on the way this week.

Era said...