Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lovely Moss Ear Warmer

I bought this gorgeous moss-colored wool at the Davis Farmer's Market back in November 2008 and I've been dying to use it ever since. I only got one skein so I figured it would be a hat or something similar, but I ended up with enough yarn for a hat and an ear warmer (raveled)! (I'm not quite finished with the hat, so I'll post about that when it's done).

The reason I got so much out of it is because I used moss stitch (or seed stitch). I love the way it looks; the natural pattern of the stitch with the beautiful earthy color of the yarn was just what I wanted. And then I threw it all off by lining it with a bright beautiful flannel (!!) fabric by Amy Butler in her new "Love" collection.

Here's a picture of it turned inside out. I had to leave a bit open at the back so it could still be stretched over the head. These pictures make the fabric seem much more orange than it really is.

Here's the fabric in all of its glory - it's called "Paradise Garden" and I think it would be fabulous in a quilt! I got this gorgeous fabric at Spool, a fabric store in Philadelphia where I just started taking sewing classes. The fabrics they sell are totally delightful and it's right next door to a wonderful yarn store!

I'm so happy to have crafting back in my life, I was afraid I was getting too busy for it (the blizzards we've been having here in Philly have also helped me get ahead in my crafting). But now I have several exciting projects in the works, mostly knitting, and these sewing classes are really getting me excited for the spring - A-line skirts, here I come!

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