Thursday, August 9, 2007

My New House!!!!!

I've lived in this new house for a little less than a month and I just love it. It's conveniently located across the street from the Co-op grocery store where I am a member and "shareholder." I can also walk to the bars in town, and campus is only a ten minute bike ride (with traffic). It's also a "grown up house." That's right, I've moved on from the white walled, dirty-bathroomed, second-hand furnitured houses of my college days (and most of the houses I've lived in in the two years since then as well). This new house is nice. For real. I'm so proud.

Here is our comfy yet stylish living room. Note the huge windows. Perfect for plants.

Our long, tiled kitchen. We have a dishwasher that we never use, and our refrigerator makes ice cubes, wow.

Sam, the resident dog. You can't really tell in this picture, but his summer haircut is a mohawk. I'll try to get a better picture to show it off later.

The "front yard" which actually faces the alley. We're going to have a veggie garden in that space where the table is by the fence, and a flower garden in the other two areas.

Another view of the brand new flower garden in the front yard. The yard was rock hard clay when we moved in, but my housemate Crystal has been working really hard to amend the soil and plant a garden. It's funny that I'm the horticulture grad student, and she's the one doing all the work. But it makes sense, she plans on being in this house for at least four years (she's starting vet school in the fall), and I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow.

My bedroom is actually underground, with a big window/fire escape that lets in light. Right now it's a concrete pit filled with leaves and spider webs, but I have plans for it. Plans involving plants, of course. But I will spare you the "before" pictures for now.


Carlene said...

I love it! The huge window, I love the kitchen, you have a garden!

Felicia said...

Congratulations to you! Its wonderful to be in a new place. Your dog is a cute :)