Thursday, August 16, 2007


The sundress that I started on the fourth of July is almost finished. My friends and I got together a few weeks ago to have another marathon sewing session and now the only things that remain are the zipper, attachment of straps, and finishing edges. I expected the dress to turn out horrible because of the pattern of the fabric, but I'm actually quite pleased with it.

I've decided to tape all unfinished projects to the big blank wall across from my bed. That way I am constantly reminded of them. Not all of them can be taped to the wall unfortunately, but I swear it will help me actually finish it. If not, it makes for pretty cool wall art.

The straps have a cool detail on them that I copied from my friend Vera. They have small stars sewn onto them in a complementary color so it's kind of subtle. That's a word that doesn't really apply to this dress at all actually, I take that back.

I'm really happy with the way the pleats look. It's funny because there was supposed to be a slit in the back, but I shortened the dress, so I took the slit out. So now, the pleats at the top and the tightness at the bottom make the dress balloon out when I wear it. It's hilarious, and I think I like it. I'll model it when it's done so you can really see what I'm talking about. But don't hold your breath for that.

(I can't post vertical pictures on this blog and it's really starting to irritate me. Has anyone else had this problem, and what can be done?)


MeesheMama said...

Sundress is gorgeous, of course. I mean, even unfinished.

I do all my posting in Camino, another web browser. I have found that Firefox, Safari and Explorer have been pains in the butt about certain things, so that may be your vert pic problem. I have not had any troubles with Camino though. Good luck!

Felicia said...

LOL I love that you taped it to the wall as a reminder to get going on it! Love the strap detail too.