Monday, August 13, 2007


I visited my site again last week to collect Atriplex joaquiniana seed. I had to do it incredibly early in the morning in order to avoid the heat, the sun, and the tiny little black flies that threaten to drive me insane.

Here is a picture of A. joaquiniana:

It's a very unique-looking plant, if not that attractive. The whole thing is covered with fruit, so it looks like it has none on it, but that's only because the fruits grow so densely on the stem that they create an almost smooth surface. But if you start to pick at it with your fingernails you realize that it is filled with small black seeds.

Some other species that grow on my site:

an invasive grass that forms little starbursts

The same grass, growing with Frankenia salina, an annual alkali wetland plant

And here are my little Cordylanthus seedlings growing under 15 degrees Celsius. Cute little buggers.

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