Sunday, August 5, 2007

Old Sac

Old Sacramento, that is. After returning from wine country, my family and I spent a thrilling half-day wandering around the tourist pit that is Old Sacramento. It's made to look like an Old West type downtown, with horse drawn carriages everywhere. The only thing to do there is to spend money on souvenirs, pretty much. There are about a hundred candy shops that sell salt water taffy, of all things.

To give it some credit, there is a train museum and a military museum. And if you're a kid it's probably heaven. But I wasn't too thrilled with it. I did get some pretty cool pictures though.


Carlene said...

The salt-water taffy thing is bizarre; isn't Sacramento essentially in the middle of the state? (I would have bought some anyway, because I love it, but still.)

cookiecrumb said...

All this time living in the Bay Area, and I didn't know "Old Sacramento" was a tourist trap. I guess I've managed to avoid it.
You do seem to be having a good time, though. Party on!